Little Venice Apartment

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Location: London W9

Client: Private Client

Project Year: 2000

Cost: £100k - £500k

All the existing internal walls and suspended ceilings were removed. The main concept behind the works was to make the apartment appear larger than it really is. This was achieved by using a minimum palate of materials and colours with clean uninterrupted lines and allowing surfaces and planes to flow and slide past each other. The apartment has great natural light and this was further enhanced with the lighting scheme. The result is a clean, streamlined space that is great for entertaining.

The compact kitchen area was raised 1.4m off the level of the main floor area in order to provide some separation between the kitchen and the sitting room while still keeping an open plan feel to the space.

This enabled a ‘crawl space’ below the kitchen to be formed for useful storage. The kitchen was still kept very ‘open’ so that space flows through it without creating any feeling of enclosure. The kitchen was designed so that it almost did not look like a kitchen. When not in use the sinks are covered with flush stainless steel lids (as in yacht kitchens) to give more worktop area when needed.

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Raised mezzanine Kitchen area with minimal storage cabinets along full height wall

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Living Room view over the balcony and full-height windows

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Bathroom and corner of bedroom panel-clad walls

Post Image Kitchen detail Post Image View of Dining Room area Post Image Bedroom with built in wardrobes Post Image 3D axometric view