Islington Apartment

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Location: London N10

Client: Private Client

Project Year: 2005

Cost: £100k - £500k

There are two staircases - one at the end of the space, the other leading directly into the master bedroom with a ‘secret’ door panel next to the panels hiding a work-station to the right of the kitchen area.

The main idea behind was to create a totally flexible space that can either be totally open or closed off. The upstairs bedroom spaces can all be sub-divided off from each other using hidden full height sliding panels while the upstairs mezzanine in turn can be closed off from downstairs by gliding across the bespoke made shutters.

These shutters were specially designed give total acoustic and blackout separation to the upper mezzanine spaces. They are made from solid oak with mirror strips and specially designed gaskets. The shutters help to give the apartment the feeling of a courtyard with shutters looking down over the space.

At one end are specially commissioned linen curtains which are combined with blackout curtains on the upper level. The main bathroom has riven slate cladding and the shower head has been adapted to internally light up the water with differing programmable colours.

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Living Room space with open plan and double height

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Mirrored shutters at upper level to add privacy for bedrooms, while still bring more light to main living space

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Upper corridor with shutters