Bradfield College Greek Theatre

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Location: Bradfield, Berkshire

Client: Bradfield College

Project Year: 2014

Cost: £500k - £2m

Bradfield College is an independent school situated in the Berkshire countryside. At the heart of the school, is a 1000 seat amphitheatre formed from a disused chalk quarry. Since Antigone in 1890, every third year the school stages a full Greek play that is world-renowned.

Studio Octopi were appointed to undertake the modernisation of the theatre. The works included an Agora (entrance piazza and balcony), a Grand Staircase, black concrete Walkway and timber Skene (theatre box).

Within the auditorium, seating is maintained as open democratic terraces common to Greek theatres. The Skene is clad in cedar shingles. The backdrop to the stage is composed of cedar slatted screens that slide open to reveal a loggia. Central to the auditorium is the Orchestra which is now reinstated as a complete circle.

In June 2014 the school presented the first Greek play in seven years, Antigone.

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