Smiths of Smithfield.

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Location: Smithfield, London.

Client: Smiths of Smithfield Ltd.

Project Year: 2000


This development involved the restoration and transformation of a dilapidated Grade II listed former meat warehouse to provide four floors of bars and dining rooms. The structure was gutted and a new steel and glass rooftop extension overlooking the city skyline was negotiated with English Heritage.

Working with chef John Torode, the design of the three separate kitchens was carefully coordinated within the existing structure. The large open kitchen on the second floor creates theatre for the Dining Room as does the smaller kitchen for the pub like ground floor while the fine dining top floor has a discreetly hidden kitchen.

The design brief was to create an easy-going, relaxed venue that was in sync with simple, unpretentious good quality food. Its huge success arguably lies in this ability to appeal to both sexes, all ages, all types. This project has been cited as instigating the regeneration of Smithfield as a ‘gastro destination’.

Twelve years on, James was called back to refurbish the ground floor, somewhat tired after years of hard punishment. Delighted with the look and feel of the original design, Smiths management were impressed with the way that the design had ‘worn in, not worn out’!

Completed in 2000 under WMA title.

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Rooftop bar.

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