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London, United Kingdom


Morris+Company - The Loom


The Loom scheme comprises the major renovation of a grade 2 listed building in Whitechapel, London.

New Entrance

New Entrance 









The Loom scheme comprises the major renovation of a grade 2 listed building in Whitechapel, London.
The brief called for the refurbishment of over 100,000ft2 of workspace, reception, art space, a new café, the provision of cycle stores and shower facilities, as well as the relocation of the main entrance, to bring a new identity to the building. The scheme aimed to explore the building’s history, whilst also introducing new interventions to meet the requirements of a modern commercial building in London.

Sourcing the bricks from within the building was a sustainable decision that not only reduced the need for new bricks but minimised the amount of demolition material sent to landfill. The variations in colour and texture of the existing brick lends to its charm, stitching the new interventions into the fabric of the building.

The design of the woven metal screen, at the new entrance, is a contemporary interpretation of a loom, reimagined in highly crafted new & blue steel.

The Loom received a RIBA National Award in 2017.