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Draisci Studio

Draisci Studio

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Draisci Studio - Enoteca Turi

Draisci Studio

Over almost 30 years, Enoteca Turi has earned an outstanding reputation for its expert wine list and its regional Italian dishes made using only the best quality fresh ingredients. Fundamental to the design brief of Enoteca Turi restaurant in Belgravia, was the need for the interior space to reflect this special blend of Italian culinary heritage and warmth of hospitality with a modern aesthetic.

Photographs by

Carlo Draisci










Enoteca Turi in London has an established reputation for excellence in wines and fine food.
Italy as a physical and cultural territory, shaped by millennia of history is the restaurant reference, while transforming a fresh variety of seasonal ingredients into exquisite combinations for discerning palates.
Draisci Studio created a warm and intimate atmosphere for the refurbished premises, evoking the textures of the sunny Italian landscapes that have always influenced food, culture and art.
The main dining room features a brick golden wall, translucent glazing and large fitted mirrors, to bring the outside-light into the depth of the plan. Soft projections suggest the shadows of an Italian summer afternoon.
An installation of cork cut-outs of the geographic regions of Italy is displayed as a colourful, mysterious puzzle, floating in mid-air.
Lighting and acoustics have been carefully considered to maximise the comfort of the discerning customers..
Theatre-quality spotlights offer the flexibility of a dedicated illumination for each table, while discreet acoustic devices allow whispering conversations, even when the restaurant is full.

A reflective black ceiling punctuated by golden spotlights defines the intimate and elegant environment of the unique private room, complemented by oak details, Lava-textured finishes and black fireplaces.
A walk-in refrigerated cellar displays an extensive selection of precious wine bottles on the side of open shelves with oak branches, referencing abstract vines and grapes, where wine originates from.
Mirrored niches reveal unexpected perspectives, visually expanding the room beyond its physical limits.

Deep black finishes have also been used for secondary environments, featuring wall-size black and white photos of Italian photographers.

Word from the client

“We knew that Francesco, a native Italian with a passion for the authenticity of the diverse regions of Italy,
their food and culture, would embrace the challenges of our specific brief” From Giuseppe Turi.
"Our first experience of working with Draisci Studio was in design and rebranding of our newly relocated restaurant. Francesco is a talented architect who along with his team transformed a dark, claustrophobic and noisy shell into a bright, relaxed and stylish room, conveying the image we desired in a unique way. The reflective ceiling in the later addition of a wine cellar in the basement was a masterstroke adding the wow factor. Draisci Studio has been a pleasure to work with, helpful and professional, and always willing to go the extra mile." From Pam Turi