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Ben Adams Architects

Ben Adams Architects

London, United Kingdom

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Ben Adams Architects - Chiquet Flood House

Ben Adams Architects

A unique dwelling built on the banks of the River Thames

Chiquet Flood House exterior

Chiquet Flood House exterior 

Chiquet Flood House kitchen

Chiquet Flood House kitchen 

Chiquet Flood House lounge

Chiquet Flood House lounge 

Chiquet Flood House

Chiquet Flood House 

Chiquet is a detached house replacing an existing smaller dwelling on the banks of the River Thames in Weybridge. It is located in the green belt within the river floodplain and is part of a local community called Hamm Court. The design proposals reflect the requirements of green belt policy and local policy concerns.

The form of the house is derived in part from a series of viewing angles as shown above. The front roof line is angled back to minimise the visual impact of this mass from the river side while the ascending volumes on the North (road) side diminish the impact from the road. The ground floor of the house is lifted above the ground by 2.3m to meet current floodplain guidance.

The form maximises the use of natural light, and the plan is designed to enhance environmental and acoustic separation between the living and sleeping areas.