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SOUP Architects

SOUP Architects

Location London + Guernsey - United Kingdom

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SOUP Architects are an RIBA Chartered Practice established in 2012. We would like to tell you about SOUP by retelling an old folk story. It is a tale much adapted about a traveller, who enters a community with nothing more than an empty pot.

The traveller, who is met with suspicion, sets about making a fire and filling the pot with water to boil. Into the pot the traveller places a stone, which intrigues the people of the village.

One, too curious to resist asks what they are doing. The traveller responds by saying they are making a delicious ?Stone Soup?, which would be much improved with the addition of some seasoning or local produce.

The ingredients are added and seeing that they could help, more people add what they can and offer their advice on improving the dish.

Slowly the traveller is no longer seen as a stranger or a threat and very soon the wider community are participating in creating a wonderful soup, which is enjoyed by all.

For us, this short tale works as an allegory for how we try and approach what we do as architects and designers. Within the tale, we would see ourselves as the traveller, and the stone as the nucleus from which ideas are able to develop and improve through the engagement of the client and wider community.

There is no doubt good architecture can be created from a single vision, it is just we think better places can be made by including within the process the people who will use and live in and around the buildings we make.

At SOUP, we believe every project is special and each client unique and therefore work hard at listening and interpreting their ambitions within the constraints and opportunities the site and budget allow.

This thorough approach to the design process ensures we create perfectly suited, beautiful architecture that maximises the potential of every project.

SOUP is a simple dish with complex flavours. Distinct and delicious variations are derived from the influence of culture, resources and environment.

This made SOUP the ideal analogy for our approach to architecture.


RIBA South East Award 2018 - Winner RIBA South East Small Project Award 2018 - Winner RIBA East Award 2015 - WInner The Sunday Times British Homes Awards 2015 - Winner RIBA South East Award 2014 - Winner RIBA East Award 2014 - Winner Blue Ribbon Award 2014: Self Build Home of the Year The Sunday Times British Homes Awards 2014 - Winner

Project sectors

  • One-off Homes
  • Interior Design
  • Refurbishment and Extensions
  • Office Fit-out
  • Retail Interiors
  • Bars, Cafes & Restaurants
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Community Centres
  • Libraries
  • Housing Scheme (20+)
  • Galleries and Museums
  • Temporary Installations
  • Private Gardens
  • Urban Design
  • Sheds, Cabins & Outhouses
  • Studios and Workshops
  • Guesthouses & Hotels
  • Housing Scheme (0-20)
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Mixed Use-developments

Specialist skills

  • Sustainable Design
  • Self-Build
  • Thermal Retrofit
  • Historic Restoration
  • Refurbishment

Services offered

Full architectural service, Interior design, Feasibility, Concept design, Planning application, Renders & CGIs, Technical drawings, Masterplanning


  • Minimum no min
  • Maximum no max

SOUP Architects

Oatlands Close

Winner of RIBA South East Award + RIBA South East Small Project Award 2018

SOUP Architects


New build house over looking the River Alde, Suffolk. Winner of RIBA East Award 2014 + The Sunday Times British Homes Awards 2015

SOUP Architects

Colt House + Artist Studios

RIBA Regional Award 2015 - Winner

SOUP Architects

Wedge House

RIBA Regional Awards 2014 - Winner The Sunday Times British Homes Awards 2014 - Winner Blue Ribbon Awards 2014 - Self Build Home of the Year

SOUP Architects

La Remise

The La Remise project saw a major refurbishment of the existing shingle clad house, SOUP removed the existing treated cedar shingle on the external walls and replaced this with untreated cedar shingle that were allowed to weather naturally to a softer grey tone. A new ground floor datum was introduced to give the sense of the house 'floating' in the landscape on a dark grey box. High performance grey aluminium framed glazing will be introduced to the ground and first floor areas. A new timber clad summer house was also...

SOUP Architects


New build house in the heart of the historic coastal town of Aldeburgh in Suffolk.

SOUP Architects

The Oaks

Refurbishment of one half of a Grade II listed stable block to allow the whole building to function as a single house.