Nelson Road

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Location: London

Client: Private

Project Year: 2014

Cost: £100k - £500k

Crouch End sits in a hollow between the sharp ridge of Crouch Hill to the south and Muswell Hill to the north. Between the dialogue of views from Crouch Hill to the iconic Alexandra Palace the topography steeply descends along residential streets of terrace housing. The house forms part of the final group of four early Edwardian terrace properties on this path.

The project restores the principle façades and extends to the side and rear at the ground floor. The entrance contains a reconfigured vestibule from which leads a corridor through to the living spaces that gradually step down following the topography of the site. The internal spaces terrace from private rooms increasing in volume towards an open living space at the rear sunken to the level of the garden.

An existing rear addition did not address the garden and hence had become an un-seen and un-cared for component of the property. The new brick extension appears as a pavilion addition adapting the original building towards the garden. Alterations to the flank walls created an opportunity to expose and feature the solid construction of the original building.

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Interior view to kitchen

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Kitchen details

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Interior view through bedrooms

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