The Cooks Kitchen

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Location: North West London

Client: Private

Project Year: 2015

Cost: N/A

The Cook's Kitchen project involved the lower ground
floor refurbishment and rear extension to a flat in
North West London. The Client for the project is particularly keen
on cooking, so the connection to a garden was
particularly important within the design brief.
The back of the building was opened up towards the
garden, with modifications to the internal spaces at
the lower ground floor level, providing light open living
spaces as well as study space.
The full width rear extension is clad in a recycled
scaffolding board timber rain-screen, fitting with
the garden aspect of the proposal. The wild flower
green roof to the proposal provides a diverse habitat
for flora and fauna, whilst insulating the extension
and continuing the green ribbon of the garden up
to the back of the existing house. Frame-less glazing
enhances the relationship between the internal and
the external spaces.
The internal finishes to the spaces are raw, natural and
expressive in their materials, showing the ingredients
used to create the building. The exposed internal
brickwork to the kitchen is painted, creating a robust
and textured back to the kitchen shelves. The timber
soffit to the kitchen and living room is finished with
a white stain finish to ensure increased levels of
daylighting within the space.
Subtle up lighters are placed within the timber ceiling
finish, highlighting the use of the material and the
depth of the structure.
The concrete worksurface wraps around the cooking
space before folding down to create the floor finish.
The bubbled edge to the concrete work-surface is
External Dusk View
playfully mirrored in the doors to the kitchen units.
The recesses create finger pulls as well as exposing the
core materials for the doors. Floating birch plywood
shelving exhibit the cook's tools, creating a practical yet
dynamic space for cooking within.
Fraher Architects Ltd provided a full RIBA service.
Fraher and Co Ltd designed and fabricated all the
bespoke joinery and concrete worksurface

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View from the garden

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The kitchen with views to the garden

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Detail of concrete work surface and bespoke cupboard doors

Post Image View across living space Post Image View from the garden with doors closed Post Image Rear view Post Image Cladding detail Post Image View into the kitchen from outside Post Image View from the living space to the kitchen Post Image Drawer front and work surface detail Post Image Shelving detail