Levring House

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Location: London

Client: Troels Levring and Peter Zenneck.

Project Year: 2014

Cost: Over £2m

Located in the Bloomsbury Conservation Area, on the corner site of Doughty Mews and Roger Street, this bold, contemporary brick house in-fills a vacant plot to complete an historic mews. The site occupies an interesting position at the junction of a variety of buildings from different periods and buildings of diverse scale.

The clients’ brief was for a large house which accommodated luxury contemporary living. As in a palazzo, the ground floor deals with entry, vehicles, business and guests. Unusually, on the first floor, the kitchen and living spaces neighbour the master bedroom, responding to a desire by the clients not to have to carry cups of tea up flights of stairs to their bedroom. In spite of site restrictions, the whole house is filled with natural light and sky and a generous sense of space, while maintaining a modest street facade.

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Careful consideration was given to the massing of the building and set-backs on the street facades, responding sensitively to adjoining and facing properties.

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The internal interlocking volumes create a house of complexity yet with a sense of calm simplicity. The house’s concrete frame is exposed in ceilings and columns.

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A central lightwell descends right down into the basement, where there is a 14m pool lined with marble. All photos by Olivier Hess.