The Cheeran House

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Location: Lower Basildon, Berkshire, UK

Client: Binith + Cian Cheeran

Project Year: 2015

Cost: £500k - £2m

The design for this 284M2 house is based on the desire to both enjoy a south facing aspect, yet also engage with the walled garden to the north, formerly part of a nearby Estate. As the site rises front to back, and with the overall height strictly controlled by planning restrictions, the house sits level so that the inner courtyard becomes partially sunken as the ground rises, increasing the sense of enclosure.

A single-storey wing containing guest suite and study occupy the front beneath a sedum roof, while a large open plan kitchen-dining-living space faces into the courtyard and porcelain tiles slide between the two, blurring the indoor and outdoor living experience. The oversailing upper floor contains bedroom accommodation within a timber-clad volume that sits above the rebuilt red brick of the walled garden, which culminates in a chimney that anchors the building to the site.

The ground floor walls to the house are faced in flint, derived from the adjoining listed former schoolhouse, while the upper ‘box’ is clad in sweet chestnut boarding. The courtyard is designed to have a ‘zen-like’ calm, so contains a square of mown grass, a pool and a single Persian Ironwood tree.

The house has a 14kW ground source heat pump system that serves underfloor heating. Carbon emissions have been reduced by 50% compared to equivalent services provided by an oil-fired boiler. A stove provides a heart to the living space.

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From the courtyard

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Living space

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