Turnham Green Terrace Mews Development

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Location: Hounslow W4

Client: Ski World Ltd.

Project Year: 2015

Cost: Over £2m

Turnham Green Terrace Mews is a complex of buildings, dating from the early part of the 20th Century, bounded on two sides by gardens to private houses and on the other two sides by the Mews.

The buildings in the mews were in need of refurbishment or renewal. They have been in continuous use since the early 1900’s and repair and maintenance has been haphazard. Our Client wanted to explore the possibility of modernising the mews buildings, retaining those that could be retained together with the large brick boundary walls onto the gardens. The project has involved the retention of two buildings on the West side of the site and the redevelopment of the remainder of the site, creating a new mews which runs North-South providing natural light and ventilation into the site and exposing the East facade of one of the retained buildings (an old organ works). The new development which includes a basement has been planned to provide flexible work space and has been carefully designed to avoid the overlooking of neighbours residential buildings.

The Application went through a pre application stage, followed by the Planning Application and an officer’s recommendation for Approval.

The original Planning Application was granted Approval in December 2012, and the basement received Approval in July 2014. The demolition of the redundant buildings was completed in the summer 2014, and the project started on site in the spring of 2015, due to be complete in late summer 2016.

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Existing Aerial Sketch

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Proposed Aerial Sketch

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West Elevation

Post Image South Elevation Post Image East Elevation Post Image Internal Elevations