Arlington Rd

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Location: Camden NW1

Client: A2 Dominion

Project Year: 2012 ongoing

Cost: Over £2m

Studio 54 Architecture submitted a Planning Application on behalf of A2 Dominion for the conversion of the Old Electricity sub-station on Arlington Rd in Camden in 2013 and was granted Planning Approval on Appeal in July 2014.

The project for 21 residential units involves the development of the old Electricity Sub Station site at 142-150 Arlington Rd on the corner of Stanmore Place which has been empty for many years. The scheme in the Camden Town Conservation Area retains the front and side facades of the building while replacing most of the rear facade and includes a set- back roof extension. The Planning Inspector noted that the new rear elevation would achieve notable benefits for the residential conversion of the building and would provide a positive improvement to the character of the area: it would make Stanmore Place more inviting, integrate it into the activity of the High Street and would enhance the pedestrian route.

The building has a deep plan and occupies the entire site so getting daylight to the middle of the site and creating amenity space onto the street is difficult. The Arlington frontage is the principle elevation with windows opening onto the original turbine hall. Underhill St has a blank façade and the façade onto the back of the site is lower and windowless. The original architectural style is classically inspired with regularly spaced large brick pilasters, a deep cornice and parapets.

Our architectural approach has been to retain the front and side facades. The new accommodation is built up to the Arlington Road frontage where existing window openings are lowered. At the back of the building onto Stanmore Place, the existing corner bay is retained, but the rest of the façade is demolished, to be replaced by a new stepped plan and section which creates amenity space and an active frontage onto what is currently an underused and neglected area.

Affordable accommodation is in the larger units located with access to the street. For sale units are located on the upper floors with access from an entrance on Arlington Rd with a single lift and stairs.

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CGI view of building from the south east, image by Forbes Massie.

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CGI of building from the north west, image by Forbes Massie.

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Sketch of development